Tool Cables for DC Electric Nutrunners


SAHAJANAND has been catering to several large customers throughout India since more than three decades. We have developed Cable Assemblies for many demanding applications of our customers for the Automotive sector.

SAHAJANAND offers High Quality Cable Assemblies for DC Electric Nutrunners of various makes such as Atlas Copco, Apex/Cleco/Cooper, Stanley and many more. Our Cable Assemblies are 100% compatible with all the DC Electric Nutrunners and lasts more than twice the life span of original Cables. We offer customized lengths which result in cost saving to our customers. Your own experience will prove our statement.

The main Features of our Tool Cables are:

Made in India
Highly Flexible
Longer Life Span
100% OEM compatible
Cost Effective
Customized Lengths
Faster deliveries

Repair/Refurbishment of your existing Tool Cables;

Sahajanand is keen to offer its expertise to enhance the life span of your Tool Cables by strengthening it as well as repairing your damaged non working Cables, a service which even OEMs do not offer. This will help you to save on your procurement costs.

Our technical team will assess the extent of damage of your Tool Cable and offer solutions accordingly.

To discuss this option please get in touch with our technical team.

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