Atlas Copco Tool Cables


ATLAS COPCO manufactures one of the finest Assembly Tools in the world. Sahajanand offers Tool Cables which are 100% compatible with the following Atlas Copco series;

  • Tensor ST Series
  • Tensor S Series
  • Tensor DS Series
  • Extension Cables for Tensor ST /S/ DS Series

All you need to do is send us your existing Tool Cable part number and we will be able to offer you a 100% compatible Sahajanand Tool Cable. Your choice will have following benefits;

  • Reduced cost of the Cable.
  • Increased service life of Cable thereby reducing the necessity to change cable. This results in saving costs.
  • Sahajanand Tool Cables are produced using the highest quality of Cables and Connectors. The Cable Assemblies are manufactured by highly skilled technicians. This results in a trouble-free operation of the Tool Cable over a long period of time.
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