Customized Projects

Cable Reels

Safety at workplace is foremost important. Cables lying on the Assembly floor means hazard in waiting. Our Cable Reels ensure hazard free work place by ensuring that there are no unwanted cables on the floor. Our Cable Reel is a compact, motor-driven retraction system for hoses or tool cables. It has been developed to meet the specific needs and regulations typical to modern car assembly plants in terms of safety, efficiency and ergonomics.

Dress Packs

SAHAJANAND offers Dress Packs for renowned Robot manufacturers such as KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, Kawasaki etc. Our Dress Packs are developed for complex robot applications, automation and robotic equipment systems which are used in extreme harsh conditions. Universally applicable fastening elements provide freedom of movement needed for high working speeds and precise repeat accuracy, and can be combined to create designs for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.

Drag Chains

SAHAJANAND offers Drag Chains which are popularly known as Cable carriers. Our Drag Chains are designed to surround and guide flexible electrical cables in the Automation industry. They reduce wear and tear of cables, prevent entanglement and improve operator safety.