SAHAJANAND brings top quality components to the doorsteps of our customers. We distribute the products of :


MPE Garry

  • IC Sockets and Pin Adapters

  • Short Bridges and Wire to Board

  • PGA and PLCC Sockets

  • Micro T and DSUB Connectors

  • USB and Modular Jacks

  • Connector Gaskets and Contacts

TE Connectivity

  • Signal Connectors – M17, M23, M27, M15 Itec, Ytec, Minitec, Springtec Connectors.
  • Power Connectors – M17, M23, M40, M58, M15 Itec Connectors.
  • Hybrid Connectors – Twintec, M23 Connectors


  • Axial Fans
  • Brushless DC Fans
  • Centrifugal Blowers
  • Fan Accessories
  • ASIC- Application Specific Integrated Circuit

Cursor Controls

  • Trackballs – Mechanical, Laser and Optical

  • Touchpads / Trackpads – Desktop, Panel Mount and OEM

  • Touch – Track Hybrid Solutions

  • Scroll Wheel Modules

  • Interface Cards

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